Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

Acoustiblok, Inc. recently completed an innovative international project for a ground-breaking cinema complex in Beirut, Lebanon. Cinemacity, as it is called, is an enormous complex in the heart of the city of over 300,000 square feet. Getting the acoustics right was paramount on the project and Shawn Saathoff, Vice President of Acoustiblok, was the Chief Acoustic Consultant on the project in collaboration with Da Da & Associates. Saathoff is a full member of AES, ASA and CEDIA.

Nabil Dada & Associates is a leading interior design and architecture firm in the region and was behind the complexs unique design. The exterior architecture, however, was designed by the French architecture firm Velode et Pistre. The compound includes 14 high-end cinema theaters, two of which are VIP, and all of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The complex hosts 2,400 seats and is covered by the worlds first unique dome lined with 256 LED screens. The LED screens continue down a long corridor leading to the lower level theaters. Projections of incredible visual graphics and numerous uses of lights on the escalators and walkways are designed to transport movie goers to another world during their stay in the complex. The building also includes large spaces that host restaurants and coffee shops found throughout the three levels.

The project is managed by SOLIDERE, Hammad Atassi, owner of Prime Pictures and Mario Haddad, owner of Empire cinemas. The project cost $ 25 million to implement and they spared no expense in creating something iconic and state-of-the-art including the impressive acoustics of the complex.

Acoustibloks Solution to Maximizing the Sound Experience

Acoustibloks Shawn Saathoff worked directly with Nabil Da Da & Issam Bassil of Da Da & Associates in response to the distinctive external architecture of the cinema by modifying the internal volumes and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into their design to create a young and vibrant atmosphere.

The first step was to achieve the highest levels of sound isolation from cinema to cinema. The second challenge was to achieve intelligible localization of dialogue and a seamless envelopment of the surround field in each and every cinema, Saathoff said.

To achieve optimum noise and sound isolation a box in a box construction technique was utilized for each of the 14 theaters in the cinema complex. A box in a box structure is basically an independent structure (box-the inside of the theater) isolated from the main buildings structural foundation. Each theater required mechanically isolated floating floors, mechanically isolated floating walls, and mechanically isolated spring hung ceiling assemblies.Acoustiblok 4.88 isolation membrane was used in the construction of the walls, floors and ceilings to attain maximum airborne sound isolation.

All of the above mentioned particulars are whats behind the elaborately detailed interior finishes. And the majority of the interior elements were strategically designed to enhance cinematic experience. First reflections were controlled, surround envelopment was engineered, and picture quality was enhanced by eliminating distractive boundary reflections off the ceilings.

All elements of each and every cinema hall were methodically thought out and acted on during the design and development process at Solideres request. Solidere wanted to make sure this complex was cutting edge in terms of a cinematic experience.

The Bar and Concession Area of the complex was also custom designed with QuietFiber

Pasadena Views Real Estate Team Inc. Announces Real Estate Market is Still Going Strong Heading into Fall

Pasadena, California (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Irina Netchaev, managing broker/owner of Pasadena Views Real Estate Team Inc., specializing in helping homebuyers and home sellers with their real estate needs in San Gabriel Valley, announced today that real estate market activity is strong moving into fall months. CARETS, a service that tracks real estate activity in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Southern California, reports that in August 2014, an average sold home in Pasadena closed escrow at $ 1,099,000 at $ 506 per square foot. On average, single family houses sold at 100% of asking price.

Netchaev states, “September 2014 is running pretty close to August 2014 statistics and next month should be just as busy. Sellers are taking advantage of the “seller’s market” and are actively preparing their homes for sale. I have 5 homes that are being marketed in the next few weeks which I expect to sell over asking price.” Looking at Netchaev’s sales this year, she has gained her home sellers, on average, an additional 12.3% more than the original asking price.

To help with the expected continued demand for her company’s real estate services, Netchaev is very excited to add Sophia Firoozi to her team. Sophia is a creative and dynamic agent and an established interior designer earning her degree in Interior and Environmental Design from UCLA. Sophia is known for her passion in creating environments that match each clients personality and vision; she is known for her excellent follow-through skills and her unwavering integrity as well as establishing long-term relationship with her clients. Sophia decided to combine her love of design with residential real estate sales, seeing to it that her clients biggest life investments come to fruition before her very eyes.

In addition to being a dedicated real estate professional, Sophia volunteers for various nonprofit organizations on a consistent basis. She participated in the design of the Silver LEED-Certified Downtown Womens Center (DWC) organized by the American Society of Interior Designers and is a consistent contributor to Transformational Art Therapy (TAT).

Irina Netchaev and her exceptional team of experienced real estate agents at Pasadena Views Real Estate Team Inc. provide home buying and selling services in Altadena, La Canada Flintridge, South Pasadena, San Marino, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel and Pasadena, California and help clients navigate the intricacies of the real estate market in those neighborhoods.

For more information about the benefits of working Pasadena Views Real Estate Team Inc, please visit

Treating exotropia with optometric Vision Therapy Pt2

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Alere Webinar Spotlights Optimal Flu Diagnostics to Keep Your Lab Ahead of the Curve

(PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Influenza is a significant clinical and public health issue, and rapid, accurate diagnostics can improve the efficacy of therapy, minimize overuse of antibiotics, conserve resources, and diminish the spread of the disease in healthcare settings. Diagnostic tests available today vary widely in terms of complexity, sensitivity, specificity, and cost. The decision your laboratory makes in selecting the correct test, along with appropriate interpretation of the test by providers, is key to effective use of influenza diagnostics.

Alere is sponsoring a new webinar, What to Do About Flu in 2014, which will survey influenza disease, diagnostic approaches, and currently-available methods, placing them in the context of the clinical questions to be addressed, and assisting participants in selecting and utilizing influenza diagnostic tests. The speaker will be Sheldon Campbell MD, PhD, FCAP, associate professor of laboratory medicine at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Conn, and director of clinical laboratories for the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, which encompasses facilities in West Haven and Newington, Conn, and six primary care community-based outpatient clinics.

The webinar will be presented on October 24, 2014, at 3 pm Eastern/2 pm Central/12 noon Pacific Time. The webinar and Q&A session that follows will provide essential information and insights for pathologists, microbiology laboratory directors, medical technologists, and other lab professionals; and physicians and nurses involved in the care of patients who potentially have influenza.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to describe the clinical impact of influenza, recognize the importance of getting the flu vaccine, describe the properties of available influenza diagnostic methods, assess different platforms for molecular detection of flu and other respiratory viruses, and interpret the results of influenza diagnostics in a clinical context.

Sheldon Campbell, MD, is board certified in clinical pathology and medical microbiology by the American Board of Pathology. He serves as director of clinical laboratories, and medical director for chemistry, microbiology, mycobacteriology, and point-of-care testing for VA Connecticut, and has a role in microbiology and chemistry specialty areas for the New England Veterans Integrated Service Network laboratories. Dr. Campbell is the director of the Yale Medical School Medical microbiology and Infectious Diseases course, and the Yale Winchester Medical Microbiology Fellowship Program.

The free webinar, hosted by LabRoots, will allow participants to interact with the speaker and network with each other. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation, giving you the opportunity to pose questions to the expert panelist.

For full details, agenda, and free registration, click here.

About Alere:

Alere is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that patients and providers can rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information. The company deploys unique innovative technologies that transform diagnostic products and expand into new platforms and solutions with proven health and economic outcomes. The companys socially-conscious business approach focuses on creating breakthrough, cost-effective diagnostic solutions that address the most intractable diseases for all populations in all corners of the world including infectious disease, toxicology, cardiology, and diabetes.

About LabRoots:

LabRoots is the leading professional networking website designed to connect all science verticals. Founded in March 2008, LabRoots vision was to connect the scientific world leveraging a myriad of unique features and tools, discovering meaningful collaborations across geographic boundaries and fields of expertise. LabRoots is the owner and producer of BioConference Live which has grown into the worlds largest series of virtual events within the Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics community.

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Language Bridge Technology Announces Pledge for Support and Action – Changing the Way the English is Learned in the World

Powell, Ohio (PRWEB) October 03, 2014

The world is getting smaller, and the global community needs more English speakers to improve communication and understanding. With China being one of the fastest-growing economies and a major player in world politics, there are still very few fluent English speakers in that country. Language Bridge Technology has a vision for implementation of a whole-brain approach to the acquisition of foreign language skills that is equally beneficial for self-directed acquisition and for guided learning using offline or online classes.

The company is applying for an opportunity to receive a grant from Chase bank. This grant would allow to commercialize a mobile application for learning English as a Foreign Language. This patented approach is quicker and more efficient than the conventional methods for learning English. Learners will be able to pick up English phrases quickly and start communicating with ease and fluency.

Please help the company to make this vision possible by voting for this project. It’s a small step that will help bringing world communities together. The company needs 250 votes to be eligible for the Grant.

Vote for the Language Bridge Technology at

Any person with a Facebook account may vote for the company’s plan to commercialize a new application for learning English. Your account security will not be compromised. Voting is open until October 17, so now is the time to cast the vote!

Dr. Arkady Zilberman, Founder of Language Bridge Technology said, The patented Language Bridge Technology restores the innate ability of adults to learn English as a Foreign Language by turning off cross-translation, and activating learners’ capacity for subconscious learning. This application is the first application in the language market for self-directed acquisition of language skills. This application could be used for integrated learning too, thus changing the way the English is learned in the world.

The Language Bridge Technology application delivers the tool that turns off the natural habit of thinking in the native language. It allows learners start speaking before they have learned English. In the process of self-teaching, the learners acquire language patterns that ensure thinking in a foreign language.

In the conventional language class, a student has about a minute to participate in interaction; the remaining time is passive listening, which seldom results in communication skills. Language Bridge Technology uses the patented method, based on speech shadowing, and language training in pairs, which increases multifold the time of active speaking. This type of training leads to acquisition of language skills much faster than conventional grammar-translation learning methods.

Dr. Zilberman went on to say, Language Bridge Technology has a vision for making

the world community fluent in each other’s languages in order to promote cultural understanding, cooperation and mutual respect. The successful implementation of the program will lead the company to organize the Language Bridge Technology Center in Ohio for providing the Global community with the tools to become fluent in English the Global language for the solution of global problems. The initial company size will be 50 people, with option to grow to 500 people in the next five years.

The vote for Grant is a real contribution to changing the way the world communicates and learns languages.