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Kirk Cousins has squandered his big opportunity
When Kirk Cousins reflects on the opportunity he squandered this season, he should have no problems pinpointing why he failed. With the door wide … Of course, when you're 1-5, quarterback isn't your only problem. The Redskins haven't … Two words …
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Sudden vision loss signals sick arteries
The door that opened: a big clue into a big-time cardiovascular problem. He remembers, “Everything went dark in that eye – like a window shade had been pulled over it.” He had a history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but normal vision up …
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French Telecom Company Iliad Gives Up Its Quest To Acquire T-Mobile
T-Mobile will continue to go it alone in the wilds of the US wireless industry after French telecom Iliad has announced it is dropping plans to buy the carrier from parent company Deutsche Telekom. Iliad's leadership had imposed deadline of mid-October …
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Language Bridge Technology Announces Pledge for Support and Action – Changing the Way the English is Learned in the World

Powell, Ohio (PRWEB) October 03, 2014

The world is getting smaller, and the global community needs more English speakers to improve communication and understanding. With China being one of the fastest-growing economies and a major player in world politics, there are still very few fluent English speakers in that country. Language Bridge Technology has a vision for implementation of a whole-brain approach to the acquisition of foreign language skills that is equally beneficial for self-directed acquisition and for guided learning using offline or online classes.

The company is applying for an opportunity to receive a grant from Chase bank. This grant would allow to commercialize a mobile application for learning English as a Foreign Language. This patented approach is quicker and more efficient than the conventional methods for learning English. Learners will be able to pick up English phrases quickly and start communicating with ease and fluency.

Please help the company to make this vision possible by voting for this project. It’s a small step that will help bringing world communities together. The company needs 250 votes to be eligible for the Grant.

Vote for the Language Bridge Technology at

Any person with a Facebook account may vote for the company’s plan to commercialize a new application for learning English. Your account security will not be compromised. Voting is open until October 17, so now is the time to cast the vote!

Dr. Arkady Zilberman, Founder of Language Bridge Technology said, The patented Language Bridge Technology restores the innate ability of adults to learn English as a Foreign Language by turning off cross-translation, and activating learners’ capacity for subconscious learning. This application is the first application in the language market for self-directed acquisition of language skills. This application could be used for integrated learning too, thus changing the way the English is learned in the world.

The Language Bridge Technology application delivers the tool that turns off the natural habit of thinking in the native language. It allows learners start speaking before they have learned English. In the process of self-teaching, the learners acquire language patterns that ensure thinking in a foreign language.

In the conventional language class, a student has about a minute to participate in interaction; the remaining time is passive listening, which seldom results in communication skills. Language Bridge Technology uses the patented method, based on speech shadowing, and language training in pairs, which increases multifold the time of active speaking. This type of training leads to acquisition of language skills much faster than conventional grammar-translation learning methods.

Dr. Zilberman went on to say, Language Bridge Technology has a vision for making

the world community fluent in each other’s languages in order to promote cultural understanding, cooperation and mutual respect. The successful implementation of the program will lead the company to organize the Language Bridge Technology Center in Ohio for providing the Global community with the tools to become fluent in English the Global language for the solution of global problems. The initial company size will be 50 people, with option to grow to 500 people in the next five years.

The vote for Grant is a real contribution to changing the way the world communicates and learns languages.

Autism Advocates, Steinberg Praise States First-In-The-Nation Decision to Expand Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income Kids

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

As many as 75,000 primarily low-income California children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will become eligible for a life-altering form of treatment through Medi-Cal starting Monday September 15th, when California becomes the first state to implement a federal directive to step up Medicaid coverage for children with autism. Up to 12,000 of these children are expected to utilize the new benefits, according to a coalition of California and national advocacy groups. They have joined with Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg in praising the states move.

Through this decision we have achieved and cemented the original vision of SB-946, which is full coverage under both private and public health plans for behavioral health treatment, Steinberg said, referring to the autism insurance reform law he authored in 2011. This important milestone will ensure that all children in California, regardless of their insurance or economic status, will have access to life-changing treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

On Monday, the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) will issue an All-Plan Letter to Californias Medi-Cal managed care plans directing them to start covering behavioral health treatment, such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), for individuals with autism up to age 21. Medi-Cal insures more than 5 million children, approximately half of the children in California. Until now, autism treatment has not been available to low-income Californians with ASD who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

While 75,000 children could be eligible, experience in California and other states has shown about 1 in 6 will ultimately utilize behavioral health treatment based on medical necessity and other factors. Approximately 4,000 to 6,000 of the affected children currently receive no treatment, including children who lost these critical services last year in the Healthy Families to Medi-Cal transition. Another 6,000 to 7,000 of the affected children now receive behavioral health treatment through the Regional Centers; that will continue until a transition plan is developed for transfer into Medi-Cal plans.

This is a landmark moment for Californias autism community and positions the state as a national leader in delivering meaningful coverage to treat autism, the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States, said Dan Unumb, executive director of the Autism Speaks Legal Resource Center. Behavioral health treatment can dramatically improve the lives of many people with autism, enabling them to mainstream into our schools and society while reducing taxpayer costs for special education and longterm support services. This is a huge step in our ongoing efforts to ensure that all families across the country have access to essential healthcare.

After years of having to inform children and families on Medi-Cal who desperately needed treatment for autism that the state had no help for them, its incredible to be able to tell families we can help connect them to this life-altering treatment, right away, said Kristin Jacobson, president of Autism Deserves Equal Coverage. We commend the California Department of Health Care Services for moving quickly to ensure that all California children get the behavioral health therapy they are entitled to, thereby making a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable California families.

Maria Cruz of Los Angeles has a 9-year-old daughter, Shirley, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 7. Because Medi-Cal has yet to provide behavioral health treatment for autism, Shirley not only was diagnosed very late, but also has never had any treatment for her autism. She was turned down for treatment by the Regional Center and school district and has had nowhere else to turn.

I am delighted that my daughter will be able to get the treatment she so desperately needs, Cruz said. Everywhere I have gone so far the door has been shut in my face. Now our lives can get better.

In April, Maria traveled 14 hours round trip by bus from Los Angeles to Sacramento for the autism awareness rally to ask legislators to help her daughter. I asked them please to help my daughter and now they are. I am so happy!

Jazzmon Wilson from the Sacramento area has two children on the autism spectrum. Her youngest son Joshua is now getting ABA from the ALTA Regional Center. When he was 2 years old, her oldest son Timothy received the treatment from the Regional Center of the East Bay where he made great gains. But when Timothy turned 3, he was determined ineligible for further Regional Center services and his ABA was terminated.

Jazzmons insurance, Medi-Cal, did not cover ABA, so for the next three years, Timothy received no treatment. His behavior deteriorated and many of the gains he had made were lost. He has recently secured some ABA from his school district and started making progress again, but that service is ending in mid-October.

I have seen the benefits of ABA, both for Timothy and Joshua, said Wilson. I cant let what happened to Timothy happen to Joshua. I lost services once for Timothy and it took me almost three years to get them back. He cant lose them again.

Our family wouldnt survive, Wilson said. I am so relieved that I will be able to get treatment from Medi-Cal for Timothy and Joshua. I can sleep again at night.

Background: Autism spectrum disorders are a group of complex disorders of brain development characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The prevalence of autism has skyrocketed tenfold over the past 40 years and now affects an estimated 3 million Americans. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 American children have autism, including 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.

Behavioral health treatment has been demonstrated to improve functioning of people with autism. Studies of ABA have shown nearly half of children who receive early intensive treatment can transition into mainstream classrooms with their typically developing peers. However, treatment costs can reach $ 70,000 a year, putting it out of the financial reach of most families without some insurance coverage.

California is one of 37 states requiring state-regulated health plans to cover behavioral health treatment for autism. In addition, health plans sold through Covered California, the states health insurance marketplace, are required to cover the treatment.

Many employer health plans are self-funded and regulated by federal law which does not require autism coverage. However, many California-based employers, such as Apple, Cisco, EBAY, Facebook, Google, Intel, Oracle, PG&E, Qualcomm, Yahoo! and Wells Fargo voluntarily offer the benefit. In addition, the denial of autism benefits through self-funded plans is eroding through class action litigation challenging the prohibitions as a violation of federal and state Mental Health Parity laws.

Autism insurance coverage has become a high priority for an unprecedented number of autism advocacy, childrens advocacy, legal aid, and health advocacy organizations who have worked together to advocate for coverage. The following organizations hail the states action on establishing this new autism benefit.

Bellarmine, RehabCare developing clinical residency program

Bellarmine, RehabCare developing clinical residency program
"Kindred Healthcare and their RehabCare team are the nation's largest employer of physical therapists, and Bellarmine University is home to one of the nation's most prestigious physical therapy doctoral programs," Joseph J. McGowan, Bellarmine's …
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Turkish leader says world not doing enough
Barack Obama lays out his vision of American leadership… Police search for 'binky bandit' 1:43 Now Playing Up Next. Police search for … A stress test by website Unbox Therapy shows the new… Mars Mission Opens India for Deep-space Business 1:41 …

Mexican fisherman rescued after a week at sea
In this Monday, Sept. 22, 2014 photo courtesy of Adonai Vazquez, Mexican fisherman Raymundo Rodriguez, who had been adrift at sea for a week, rests on a boat after he was rescued off the coast of Mexico. Rodriguez was rescued by people aboard a …

How-to Fest draws hundreds of curious people to Morton Grove Library

How-to Fest draws hundreds of curious people to Morton Grove Library
The child-centered therapy is known to be benefit autism and some sensory disorders by facilitating engagement in a largely uncontrolled environment, according to therapist Heather Murphy. “We came out to share the benefits of the therapy and get … A …
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Gene Therapies Push Investors to Examine New Areas of Human Body
Investors see the most initial opportunity in neurological, vision and blood disorders. Gene therapies for the brain have raised $ 503.5 million since 1999, while blood-related gene therapies have raised $ 224.8 million, and gene therapies for the eyes …
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Harlan Johnson: ISIS vs. ISIL: An important distinction
Words have power. “CBS This Morning” recently featured Steven Colbert pontificating to President Obama, “Sir, we're fighting ISIS. Why can't you get their name right? “I agree that they're acting like a bunch of ISILs, [laughter] but, sir, technically …
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MIND Research Institute Hires Former Superintendent as Chief Academic Officer

Irvine, Calif. (PRWEB) September 11, 2014

The education nonprofit MIND Research Institute is bringing aboard Art McCoy, Ph.D., to serve in a new position of Chief Academic Officer and Superintendent-in-Residence. McCoy is an educator, school administrator, author and consultant who most recently served as the first African-American superintendent of Ferguson-Florissant School District in Missouri.

In this new role, McCoy will be based in Missouri and serve nationally as an ambassador and advisor for MINDs programs with a focus on student achievement and educator efficiency. His work with MINDs partner schools and districts will help the organization achieve its mission to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the worlds most challenging problems.

Art McCoy shares MIND Research Institutes vision and passion for transforming math education nationwide for all students, regardless of their background, language barriers or learning challenges, said Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., MIND Research Institute CEO, co-founder and senior scientist. He is a tremendous champion of children, and we are excited to have him join our team.

At the age of 19, McCoy began teaching math as the youngest certified teacher in Missouri. He went on to become a public school district administrator, and he has served as an adjunct professor and guest lecturer at the College of William and Mary, University of Missouri, Lindenwood University and Maryville University. He also provides peer review of academic articles and books for Columbia University Teachers College.

I have long been impressed by MIND Research Institutes commitment to closing Americas achievement gap by providing evidence-based, visual math instruction like ST Math, said McCoy. I am excited to take part in the organizations efforts to promote excellence in math education and engage with the community to create the problem solvers and critical thinkers we need in our society.

McCoy is also the founder and president of Severing the Achievement Gap in Education of Students (SAGES), a consulting and professional development firm. McCoy has served on numerous executive boards and councils including the Urban League, Midwest Health Initiative, Boy Scouts of America, MO Association of School Administrators, MO School Board Association, Federal Reserve Bank Advisory Committee, St. Louis Magic House, Urban Superintendents Association of America, National Superintendents Roundtable, and as a gubernatorial appointee to the Harris Stowe-State University Board of Regents.

He earned his doctorate of philosophy in education with an emphasis in school leadership, policy studies, postmodern philosophy and mathematics from the University of Missouri St. Louis, and is an alumnus of Harvard Universitys Leadership Institute for Superintendents post-graduate program.

About MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute is an education nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the worlds most challenging problems. MIND’s distinctive visual approach to math and problem-solving is the basis of its innovative, research-proven ST Math

Medical Investors Take a Whole-Body Approach

Medical Investors Take a Whole-Body Approach
Vision companies claimed $ 442.7 million in the first half of this year, or 1.9% of the $ 23.59 billion total. The emerging potential to use genes to treat eye diseases drove much of the activity, with gene-therapy companies Avalanche Biotechnologies Inc …
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Jeffersonville family's Zachary Wallace Fund assists children with needs
Funds raised go toward therapy equipment like walkers and wheelchairs, medical equipment and medicine. There is a handicap … “We opened up a vision classroom with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit for preschoolers. Zach and Ben never had a …
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